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About Us


Balanced Environments, Inc. provides a comprehensive scope of Landscape and Snow Removal Services - for both new and renovation landscapes; in both maintenance and installation. Our services are customized for each site, responsive to the individual needs and specifics of the client, and programmed for the particular demands of each unique site, to ensure that all elements of the landscape will thrive with an improved aesthetic, and maintain their value.

Our Landscape Maintenance includes a full range of seasonal services, customized for each client, in order to provide rejuvenating balance to mature landscapes, and to maintain healthy, lush landscapes to their maximum potential.

Our Landscape Installations provide creative solutions, based on sustainable ideals, to maximize the aesthetic appeal to individual properties. Our landscape designs respond to the particular client requests with innovative ideas. The installation process is driven by the most current practices, with trained personnel, in order to perform exceptionally in health and growth, aesthetic appeal, and value – all combined with lower maintenance demands.

Balanced Environments provides a full scope of related landscape and snow removal services to meet the demands of all our clients, in order to provide quick response and service. Irrigation services, hardscape (stone, brick, retaining walls), pond management, large tree care, etc. are among the added value services we can provide.


In 1963, Denny Church started his landscape contracting business by doing a “common thing uncommonly well”. He took a $5,000 loan out from a friend, but paid it back within 9 months as the demand for his uncommonly well done landscapes seemed endless. As the “Church Value” news spread, so too did his loyal clients and the dedicated employees that believed in his vision.

Forty years later, in 2003, Bruce Church, his son, launched a new company, Balanced Environments, dedicated to build and improve on Denny’s philosophy and business experience. By offering superior service, respecting clients and their needs, building pride in everything they did, and creating value well above and beyond the clients' expectations. Bruce and his team of professionals have built a regional landscape company that now employs over 180 hard working, talented, and motivated individuals ready to serve their clients' needs.

Balanced Environments is today one of the largest professional landscape contractors in the Midwest with five locations serving an area that extends in three states, Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. The company owns and operates hundreds of pieces of equipment, and provides landscape management, installation, irrigation, hardscape, and snow removal services to an ever increasing spate of loyal and appreciative clientele. In tandem with its partner company, Hard Surface Solutions, specialized in concrete and paving services, Balanced Environments is able to provide a true "single point of contact" for all outdoor services a building manager or owner might need.