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Bruce Church, President/CEO of Balanced Environments and Hard Surface Solutions, recently received the very first BOMA/Suburban Chicago Lifetime Achievement Award. This award was presented in recognition of Bruce’s dedication to the commercial real estate industry and his tireless interest in and support of BOMA/ Suburban Chicago.


Serving on various panels and committees, including many years on the BOMA Membership Committee, Bruce has been a consistent supporter of BOMA and their mission for over 30 years.  His dedication to success has created a solid foundation within both of his multi-million dollar companies performing professional landscape, hardscape and snow management services throughout the Chicagoland and southern Wisconsin areas. Bruce has been described as someone who always operates with absolute professionalism providing exceptional service to his clientele.


Bruce is very proud of the growth of both companies and enjoys spending time networking with high-level clients at outings and events. He is passionate about developing his employees enabling them to provide the professional level of service expected by their clients. Congratulations Bruce!


For release-12.15.2017


The seasons change but we remain
Most landscape maintenance service agreements end each year on November 30th marking the end of the fall season with
anticipation for winter. Even as the calendar indicates the end of November, our service focus does not end. December
1st typically begins most snow and ice management agreements for which we have been preparing over the past five months.
Our service offerings may change but we remain Client Focused.
Take a look at the myriad of services we provide to our valued clients during these winter months:
  1. Full service professional snow and ice management
  2. Rejuvenation/dormant pruning of the plant material on your property
  3. Professional landscape design services – a great time to plan for spring
  4. Winter policing and general site cleanup of your property
  5. Full service arbor care including tree trimming, removals and fertilization
  6. Winter protection for plants and property from snow, ice and salt
  7. Digital image design work including 3D property presentations
  8. Budget review and ‘wish list’ for our clients....



Don't get left out in the cold!
As a Snow and Ice Management service provider, Balanced Environments is busy making final
preparations for the coming winter.  
We are performing final repair and maintenance of our snow fighting equipment. We have secured an abundant

inventory of de-icing materials to effectively keep your property safe. We are busy organizing our routes and

manpower so that we are ready to mobilize as soon as the weather dictates. 

We applaud those of you that have proactively executed your snow management service agreement and we are at the ready. You are among those that are able to relax and enjoy the beauty of the season.
If, for some reason you have been unable to finalize your service agreement with us, NOW is the time for

An early November snowfall or ice storm is not unusual for our Chicagoland weather. Most of us remember the...


We have received numerous requests to re-post our Dormant Pruning newsletter from September 2016 so it is included below along with some new items for you as well. Many of our clients have already approved their dormant pruning order for the coming winter.
If you have not yet been in contact with your Account Manager regarding your dormant pruning, please call our office today.
Why your property needs it.
 One of the best times to correct or improve the shape of your plants is during the winter!




Many people feel that once we enter the month of December, our landscape responsibilities get put on the shelf until the following spring. Based on the fact that leaves are shed and plants go dormant, it is believed that there is not much that can be done during the winter months. Although this dormancy period eliminates the need for weekly mowing and trimming, it opens up an opportunity to dramatically improve our landscape plants.




Dormant pruning

 involves selective removal or reduction of branches in our trees and shrubs. Many of our landscape plants are deciduous, which means they drop their leaves in the fall. This not only protects plants from the winter cold, but it allows us the opportunity to view the branch structure of these plants. The ability to see this inner branch structure gives us a perfect opportunity to do some “targeted” pruning. We can now decide exactly which limbs need to be removed or reduced and where to make our cuts. During their dormancy periods, plants are not stressed by this type of pruning and respond bountifully with beautiful new growth in the spring. There are typically two primary types of dormant  pruning: rejuvenation pruning and renewal pruning. 

Rejuvenation is cutting back the entire top of the plant to ground level. Although very dramatic, this type of pruning is essential when the size of the plant has exceeded the desired size or shape. After rejuvenation many new, healthy and vigorous shoots will grow from the base of the plant in the spring. These new shoots will mature and form the new plant structure. Plants that respond well to rejuvenation pruning include spirea, forsythia, privet, cotoneaster, honeysuckle, and some hydrangea varieties. Certain shrubs that regularly suffer from winter die-back of some or all above-ground stems may be safely rejuvenated to produce beautiful new growth. 
Renewal is the removal or thinning of old, overgrown stems or limbs. This is usually done...... 





BUDGETS: A Necessary Evil?

Most of us consider the job of creating a budget a necessary evil. To achieve financial success, budgets are indeed necessary but don’t have to be considered evil. The same is true for creating a budget that identifies landscape requirements and associated costs for your property. This budget preparation can be successful and painless if you consider three guidelines; timing, planning and knowledge.



The time to prepare a landscape budget for next season is now while the property is colorful and alive. Plant materials, turf conditions, seasonal color rotations, irrigation needs and tree care are best evaluated while they are active and thriving. It’s more effective to make decisions about summer annual flowers during the 

summer instead of trying to remember during the dead of winter.



Planning your landscape needs, should not only include next season but two or....



Summertime in Chicago
"And the Living is Easy"
Another 4th of July holiday has come and gone and we are enjoying the family vacations and outings that characterize the summer months. Extended daylight hours and warmer weather inspire us to enjoy the outdoors and that favorite summer vacation destination. It’s fascinating how our weather influences our lives and daily plans.
Our weather this spring and summer has been a big challenge for landscape professionals. After one of the wettest spring seasons in 150 years precipitation has continued consistently in most Chicagoland communities. Weekly landscape maintenance schedules have been difficult to uphold and while plants enjoy the moisture for flourishing growth, our maintenance teams have been working overtime to keep up with it. With this wet, humid climate, we need to be on the lookout for seasonal pests and diseases.