Sustainable Landscape


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Sustainable Landscape

Balanced Environments is committed to supporting and promoting sustainable landscape practices on all our sites. Through continual training – we use the most current sustainable philosophies, utilize up-to-date equipment and currently available organics - and apply these practices in our maintenance and installation services. We can ensure our clients that the natural equilibrium of their landscape environments can be restored and the on-going balance will be maintained at the best efficiency.

Sustainable Site Management
The goals of sustainable site management include conserving natural resources, reducing waste and pollution, and maximizing ecological functions in the landscape – while providing for an improved aesthetic to the landscape and maintaining value. Balanced Environments is successfully accomplishing this for our clients by providing customized programs, such as:

  • Turf Reduction Programs – Prairie/Wildflower Meadow Conversions
  • Irrigation System Audits for efficiency and usage.
  • Effective irrigation management for reduced water usage and waste.
  • Landscape planting renovations - emphasizing native plants and low-water use plant varieties and landscape techniques.
  • Integrated Pest Management practices to reduce chemical use.

Best Practices

  • Organics
  • Equipment usage – emphasizing alternative fuels, efficiency, and proper maintenance.
  • Re-Cycle: landscape debris composting.
  • Re-Use: landscape transplanting and re-locations.
  • Locally available materials.
  • Soil Testing and Analysis
  • LEED consulting and Sustainable Sites landscape support

Roof-Top Gardens
Roof-tops gardens are a great way to utilize and ‘green-up’ previously unused space. Roof gardens will also help reduce temperature extremes within buildings, and will help to control storm water run-off on site. Balanced Environments has experience with management and installation of a variety of roof–top garden types, and can help guide property managers and owners to the appropriate options for their buildings.


We have partnered with Balanced Environments in developing a sustainable landscape for our Naperville campus. Turf areas were converted to native prairie grasses and flowers, reducing the need for weekly mowing, fertilization and costly watering. Additionally, native trees and plant species have been selected to reduce watering needs. We immediately achieved savings to our maintenance costs and have developed a naturalistic setting for our team members, visitors and wildlife to enjoy.

Corporate Campus Client

Naperville, IL